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9 Things Holding the Black Community Together During Quarantine

Back in March when we first started sheltering, we had no idea what kind of havoc Ms Rona would have played on our psyche. Then to top it off police continued wilding on Black people like they ain’t have other things to worry about. (Wilding is too kind of a word for straight-up murder, but we press onward). As we enter the 700th month of quarantine, here’s a reminder of 9 things that are holding the Black community together during quarantine. 

If you know all of these, congrats. Now print and stick this on your fridge because winter in quarantine is no joke.

If you’re Black and haven’t been enjoying these national treasures, you’re welcome. We don’t know how you been surviving. Pace yourself because it’s gonna to be a long winter.


First off, it’s “Verzuz” with two Zs. If you’ve been having trouble finding these legendary battles, there, I helped you. Praises to musical elders Swizz Beatz and Timbaland for bringing us the greatest musical events of the year. From Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer to Glady Knight vs Patti La Belle, we’ve enjoyed every throwback tune they tossed our way. While we enjoyed the wild days or janky setups and unstable Instagram lives, we ain’t mad at our HD Apple Music upgrade.

Black Twitter

Black Twitter is there every day for the Black community. However, it’s been especially comforting to have a virtual watercooler where we can commiserate, laugh, and discuss topics that are most important to us. We can’t believe that bird app is free!

How do you find black Twitter? If you have to ask how to get there, then you don’t got no business scrolling through dems Black Twitter skreets. 

Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Programming

Netflix been a real one for a long time, but especially during quarantine. We can’t thank them enough for bringing back so many classic Black sitcoms from the 90s. We got our entire life Watching Sister Sister, Girlfriends, The Parkers, and The Game. This reboot reminded us that Jackée Harry is a National Treasure who needs to be protected. The only shame is that Uncle Netflix couldn’t spring for the music copyrights to some of our favorite shows. The least they could have done was gotten the music for the Brian McKnight episode of Sister Sister.

The Read

What can we say about this institution in Black broadcasting? Every week since March 2013, our homies at The Read, Kid Fury and Crissle West, run down the greatest in Black Excellence, the hottest in hot topics, answer our letters, and of course, read all the trifling people in this world. We thank Crissle and Kid Fury for their emotional labor.


When Righteous and Ratchet went on hiatus and then cancelled, we thought we wouldn’t have made it through these dark Rona times. But KevOnStage stepped up to the plate and blessed us with so many viral internet moments. From The Unit™ to taking the big leap and transforming to Maserati Kev, we’ve laughed with and lived vicariously through him.

We love Kevin because he always has his finger on the pulse of what’s funny. His clean comedy styling means there’s content we can bond with our moms and memaws over. Kev be on stage, but he’s not a stage hog. He always takes his friends along with him. His Keep Your Distance Comedy shows give so many comedians a safe way to sling jokes. Best of all, the Stage Krew might be the most wholesome fandom out there. 


P-Valley is the new hit show on Starz. Coming off the heels of Power, these characters instantly found a place in our hearts. Mississippi, Mercedes, Autumn Night—we love all the girls. Major side-eye to Mercedes’ trifling mama who don’t got that WAP—neither wet as p**** or that worship and praise. We hope her church is a big flop! We can’t wait for season two to see what happens with Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford.

Ziwe’s Instagram live

A lot of TV and radio shows like to claim to put guests in the hot seat, but they really need to take a note from Ziwe. She is the true owner of the hottest seat. Ziwe’s Instagram livestream show really picked up steam when she interviewed notable figures such as Caroline Calloway, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan. The New York-based comedian has had write-ups in New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, New York Times, and Harper’s Bazaar. She’s even being watched by some of our fave Black celebrities like Gabrielle Union.

Arizona iced tea 

In these ever-changing times, one thing we can always count is Arizona iced tea in a can is 99 cents. Not no Rona, no category five hurricanes, no raging wildfires, or any natural disaster formed against us has been able to change that. For this, we are thankful.


Black Jesus, please protect TikTok user ItsJustNyissa because she blessed us with The Bayang—the hottest independently-released jam of quarantine. Fight me! This contribution to the Black musical art vault led to a trend of uploading throwback photos from everyone and they momma. We got to cackle at bayangs of all lengths, textures, shades, and levels of cringe. And if the original work wasn’t already perfect, some internet cousin did the Toni Braxton remix that sent us the seventh level of Nirvana.

Ring lights

Last but not least, we gotta shout out all the ring light manufacturers. Y’all already know webcams play too many games. If the lighting ain’t right, Black people are doomed to look like the shadow figures from Ghost that came to steal souls—don’t matter how well we beat our face for a Zoom meeting. But praise be for the ring light, whether large or small, this handy invention has our people well illuminated so that we can show off the dynamic angles of our face and the popping-ness of our melanin.

What do you think?

Written by Onicia Muller

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