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Finding Clarity and Purpose with La’Teaquah King of Jewe7s Of Life

Has 2020 brought you to a point where you can’t seem to make heads or tails of anything? Are you worried about the future and unsure of what your next move should be? Now is the perfect time to find clarity and (re)discover your purpose. La’Teaquah King is a spiritualist and level two reiki healer whose mission is to provide just that to the people she encounters.

Back in 2016, when La’Teaquah was about five months pregnant with her daughter Seven, she found herself in a place of uncertainty. She’d gone through certain situations that caused her to question life and her purpose.

After reading “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping, La’Teaquah started exploring her spirituality more. She began getting spiritual readings, studying reiki, and learning more about crystals. During one of her spiritual readings, the lady she frequented revealed that La’Teaquah might be gifted as well.

“Growing up in the Black family, anything dealing with tarot or hoodoo or anything like that was taboo. We didn’t talk about that. So, the more I got older, I realized that I would have dreams that would predict the future or I would have dreams to give me warnings about certain things.”

La’Teaquah King

These dreams and readings confirmed to La’Teaquah that she was meant to help others reach their higher selves spiritually.

But, how does one explore their spirituality to find their purpose? Well, for those new to the world of Black spirituality, La’Teaquah says openness to the experience is the most important action for one to gain clarity and healing.

Firstly, La’Teaquah clarifies that she’s a spiritualist guide more than a healer in the traditional sense. “I don’t actually heal people. I actually guide them to healing. So, you actually have to do the work yourself to heal yourself. However, I am there to give you the tools and insight and the clarity that you might need to help you on your journey.”

As a guide, La’Teaquah’s clarity sessions are very conversational and straightforward. She describes experiences with her as “a welcoming and just genuine and lighthearted conversation… I keep it real but it’s like I don’t sugarcoat it. I am very cognizant in how I deliver my messages. I make sure I deliver them with love and compassion, and I make sure that it’s understood.”

Along with being open, La’Teaquah says people must be patient while going on their spiritual journey.

“What people don’t understand is spirit time and spirit message can be a lot different than what we are expecting. For example, I can do a reading and things and can come up and people are like ‘um, I’m not sure about that’. Then, a week later, it makes so much sense. So, we have to understand that spirit time and our time is a lot different. Just be open with what comes up. Whatever message comes up is the most important message that spirits that want you to know right then and there.”

Along with regular readings, La’Teaquah also suggests incorporating crystals and other tools into one’s life. According to her, crystals can be powerful tools for maintaining a good energy balance in your home and wherever you go.

Clear quartz crystal is like a master healer. You can use that for anything. I usually use it for clarity… I can literally just hold it in my hand, carry it around with me, hold it in my pocket or I can meditate with it and have it surrounding me and things like that. Sometimes I sleep with them under my pillow. Black tourmaline rids its environment of negative energy and it’s protective and it’s grounding. It’s a very good stone to have in your home. So, when you have visitors come in and you don’t want their energy to be stuck in your home … you can have that stone in your home to make sure that it’s protected and grounded. Rose quartz was one of my first stones as well. It’s for love. Universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships and it encourages unconditional love.”

La’Teaquah believes that the more people living life on a higher spiritual plane will have a positive effect on our society because we’d learn to see the divine in everyone. We’d learn to have more compassion for and patients with the souls we encounter.

“What I want all people to know is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Even though being in this human body can weigh us down and life can be so difficult, we are not separate from God. We are one with God. God lives in all of us. All of us must be mindful of our thoughts. I wanna say that situations does not cause us to have certain emotions. It’s our thoughts about the situation that causes us to have emotions. Be mindful of how we think and to know we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around.”

Keeping that spiritual frame of mind is what leads to clarity and purpose.

You can book a clarity session or a card reading with La’Teaquah via her Instagram page or visit their booth at the Curls Kinks and Culture event.

If you would like to be one of the businesses highlighted at our annual party in the park, contact to secure your booth space.

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Written by Onicia Muller

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