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Is There a Safe Haven for Black Americans Looking to “Jump Ship”?

African American Woman Holding American Flag In Hands
African American Woman Holding American Flag In Hands

With all the issues concerning Black people in the United States, a lot of Black people are considering jumping ship and moving to a different country. 

This isn’t a new concept. Black people have been looking for safe havens outside of the United States since 1822 when the American Colonization Society established Liberia for freed slaves. Unfortunately, Liberia is still working on getting itself together. However, Canada is a good prospect.

Recognized as one of the most diverse countries in the world Canada might be the easiest bet. It’s close so no expensive travel cost, and it has great medical care, education systems and standard of living. Black people from Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and even Europe frequently relocate to Canada.

Speaking of the Caribbean and Central Amerian, there’s a lot of places to choose from if one considers moving south of the United States instead of north. In Central America, both Panama and Costa Rica are considered to be Black-friendly nations with low costs of living, and ideal for families. 

And for people whose careers don’t require them to be in the United States, they can choose any one of the island nations in the Caribbean to call home since most of them are Black countries. Just be wary of the hurricane season and the economic structure of some of these countries.

For a more romantic international experience head to Europe where Black people have testified that the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain are the places to go. 

Now, no place is perfect. There are still remnants of racism in European countries, especially since those were the countries most responsible for the transatlantic slave trade. But, in these countries police are least likely to shoot Black people, especially in the United Kingdom where police are not allowed to carry guns.

Seeking Asylum : Trailer – Shot and Created by Darnell Lamont Walker, Seeking Asylum is a documentary exploring the thought “What if leaving America is revolutionary?” Believing Black Americans have exhausted the possibilities of creating the necessary change that will lead to the equality they’ve been fighting so long for, he says perhaps it’s time to go.

History aside, Germany has made a lot of strides in the international community and is now home to over 1 million people of African descent. For years, it was taboo in Germany to be considered racist, associating that with the attitudes of the old Nazi regime.

Australia is another country where Black people seem to be happy to move to. A large number of American ex-pats have settled there, and Black people haven’t boasted any real complaints. The main issues seem to be finding people who can do Black hair and not having direct access to Black products, which the remedy for that problem is Amazon. 

But, when all else fails why not go back to the motherland, Africa. Nigeria and South Africa are the most developed countries on the continent and a lot of Black professionals call them home. Ghana is also open to receiving Black people hoping to get away from America. 

Very recently, the Ghanaian government negotiated a deal with the American government, allowing 1,500 Black Americans to settle on 500 acres near the center of the country. Talk about a warm welcome.

The point is that if Black people are dissatisfied with the way they’re treated in the United States and are too tired to keep up the good fight, there are options. And with some research and financial planning, any Black person can choose to relocate to somewhere better than home. People from Africa and the Caribbean do it all the time, why can’t we too?

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Written by Martel Sharpe

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