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Must-Watch Biopics About Black Musicians (Open list) (0 submissions)

The buzz around Respect, a movie chronicling the life of Aretha Franklin, is proof that there is nothing like a biopic to get people...

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Mutual Aid and Anarchy

Free food! What’s the catch? I reviewed the flyer for a date and fine print. I didn’t find any. The instructions led me to...

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Are You Sure That’s a Gig?

Unlike their Boomer parents, more Millennials have found themselves working flexible, temporary, or freelance jobs instead of plugging in 40+ hours a week at...

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Cardi B Confirms Pending Divorce, Offset Holding on for Dear Life (Open list) (0 submissions)

A wise philosopher once said, “No man wants to be my ex.” And while many rap lyrics are empty boasts, Cardi B’s soon to...

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9 Things Holding the Black Community Together During Quarantine

Back in March when we first started sheltering, we had no idea what kind of havoc Ms Rona would have played on our psyche....

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