Nadya Camp’s Quintessence Beauty is keeping Bodies Healthy and Moisturized

When the seriousness of COVID-19 started to hit, hand sanitizer was one of the major products flying off store shelves. Everyone was desperate to keep germs at bay. However, very soon, people realized that excessive hand washing and sanitizing lead to dry, cracked skin. That’s when Decatur-based entrepreneur Nadya Camp’s business instincts kicked. She created the Full Affect, an antiseptic body butter made with tea tree oil and raw beeswax. This amazing product kills germs while keeping your skin moisturized. The results? Customers fell in love with Quintessence Beauty’s products, and the small business has been gaining lots of buzz in Atlanta.

Business and healing have been part of Nadya’s life for a very long while. Her mother, Myrtle, was health conscious. “When I was younger, she would always say the same thing: What you put in your body is who you are,” said Nadya.

When it comes to healing, Nadya says, “I love to figure out different ways to help when it comes to the body. I don’t know why or where it came from or how the passion even came about totally, but it was like once I started it, and I’ve gotten the gist of it. It’s just kind of like my thing. I just love this. I’ll do this all day.”

And customers love Nadya’s line of organic body products made from natural ingredients. The online store features body butters, face scrubs, foot scrubs, hand-crafted candles, massage oils, and beard oils. Since it’s launch during the pandemic, Nadya has had to restock her Full Affect body butter twice.

Nadya started her entrepreneurship journey very soon after graduating from cosmetology school. She recounted how her teacher told her that beauticians should have multiple streams of income. With encouragement and timely advice, Nadya started selling lipsticks. When a client complained about their eczema struggles, Nadya used skills learned in a master herbalist course to create her eczema-friendly body butters.

“My main one that sells the most is the people who have eczema because their skin clears up, the bumps go away, and they come back to somewhat being normal. … So now, when they try it on their skin, they get a little glow, and it keeps them hydrated all day. It just works. I don’t know any other way to explain it but that way.”

Nadya loves finding creative and effective health and beauty solutions for her customers. In fact, the name Quintessence means “perfect,” and the company takes great pride in its products and customer service. All products are lovingly handmade and feature top-quality ingredients. 

Her message to aspiring entrepreneurs: “If you can put that much time and effort into going to work and making someone else some money, you can put that same energy into yours and to just do it. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about the how or the why. Just do it, and all of that will come together.”

Nadya believes that Black people are special and destined for greatness. “Some people have a different mind frame, and we can come up with freaking anything. We can make anything work and that’s what I love about us. No matter how hard it is or what’s going on, we can make anything work. … I like our aspiration, our dedication, our diversity ”it’s a beautiful thing.”

Recently, there’s been a resurgence in calls to support Black-owned businesses like Quintessence Beauty. Nadya says while she’s very pleased with these trends and hopes they are long-lasting. “I want us Black people to not just support us because we’re Black. I want them to support us because they want to be loyal to us. We are part of them and we need to come together.”

You can purchase organic skincare products from Quintessence Beauty via their website or visit their booth at the Curls Kinks and Culture event. You can also find them Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to be one of the businesses highlighted at our annual party in the park, contact to secure your booth space.

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Written by Onicia Muller

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